Meet Chubby Buddha

Say hello to your go-to guru for growing media and substrates that create an ideal environment for perfect plant growth. We’ve crafted industry-leading, high-quality products made from 100% natural coco that is RHP and MPS-ECAS & SA8000 Certified. Our coco goes through a rigorous, multi-step process and is triple-washed, heat-treated, sterilized, and PH-adjusted with an ultra-low TDS buffer. This ensures consistency and perfection while making it possible to use our products right out of the bag. With no pre-flushing or cleaning required, you can boost efficiency and focus on doing what you love. Chubby Buddha prevents insects, pathogens, and contaminants for a 100% natural and pest, disease, and pathogen free media—meaning inner peace for you and your plants!

Chubby Buddha Coco Growing Media
coco growing media

Why Use Coco in Your Grow?

Coconut Coir, or coco as it’s commonly called, has become a preferred growing media for growers looking to supercharge plant growth in their gardens. Other names for coco are Coco Pith, Coco Peat, Coco Chips, and Coco Fiber/Coco Fibre. Coco offers accelerated growth rates comparable to (or even in excess of) hydroponic gardens, but is more similar to potting soil or “soilless” mixes in terms of water retention and fertilizer consumption. Coco is a very versatile substrate that comes in many forms and variations—it can be used in pots, containers, blocks, mats, beds, and more! So, be certain to do research and get advice on what will work best in your unique garden. Please contact a GrowGeneration GrowPro today for more information or help selecting the best-fit coco product for your needs.

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